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People suck sometimes.

Crossing the street in front of the college where I work, at the crosswalk, some drivers decided they didn’t feel like stopping, I guess. As I’m standing there waiting for one to take the lead and come to a full stop, a few drive by, so when there was enough distance between cars I started walking and signalling to a driver “hey, there are flashing lights and a crosswalk here”, he barely slowed down while mocking my hand signals. Yes, both of his hands came off the driver’s wheel in order to mock. Bloody Hell.

But that’s not the worst of it. Once across, I turned to give the man the “Montreal Hello” he deserved, only to be heckled by yet another driver passing at that moment calling me a pussy for giving the finger and expressing myself to a driver who refused to stop while he’s mocking a pedestrian wishing to cross in the rightful spot on the street.

What the fuck is wrong with people? 4-5 cars refused to stop at a crosswalk with flashing lights and signs, in front of a school, yet *I’M* the one being called names by a stranger?

Fuck that noise. I am not taking that shit.

It was suggested to my girlfriend and I recently that we apparently need to lighten up. So we did, and lightened our load on the friends list. Friends who get offended when confronted about their insensitive comments are not friends we wish to keep.

For the record, we were unfriended first. I continued to clear out acquaintances of those old friends. It’s heartbreaking. 💔

There is shit happening in life that is bothersome. Occasionally, we wish to express it on Facebook. It’s what the platform is for. No one has to agree with it or enjoy anything posted, just keep scrolling if you have nothing to add. We’re all adults here (mostly), if you can’t look at a post and come up with anything else besides long-winded ways of saying “just chill out”, well, that is not conducive to anything or anyone at all. It’s basically trolling, which is expected from strangers, but not people we’ve known for years and have been mostly out of touch with for a while. It was too out of the blue to be considered a friendly jab.

Speaking generally now, typically anyone who posts with any sort of regularity often hopes to get a reaction, comments or engage in conversation about the topic. Sometimes it’s just simply to vent a frustration in the moment. Whatever the subject matter, anyone is allowed to have their “you need to relax” opinions, but mocking someone for having an issue to begin with is just seen as shitty behavior. It’s likely important to whomever is posting it for ‘xyz’ reasons they have, the hope is that friends would be supportive, or at least offer different views or new ways of rethinking an issue. Or, simply saying nothing and carrying on being their chilled out selves is also a viable option.

Either way, I am not filtering or censoring myself out of fear of what friends will think. I’ve muted myself quite a bit in recent years because of that fear. No more.

Life is too short and I have opinions about it.

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So I made a paracord dog leash


I’ve been playing around with paracord over the past couple of months, made a handful of bracelets and other various things to work my way to making a dog leash for Tyson, my sister’s dog.

It worked out very well that I might consider making and selling these!



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Hey everyone!

My wonderful better half has began her own small business! I’d like to ask if you can please like the page (and/or share it). This will help welcome her to the Internet and spread word of those damn adorable PomPomHeads! They’re so cute!

Much more to come soon!

Thanks for your time. smile emoticon

Sincia Artisan

Sincia Artisan

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xkcd: Planning

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$200 for a $50 gift card?

Starbucks is selling a $50 Mother’s Day giftcard for $200.

I am also selling a pen I found on the ground last week for $145 for those interested.

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