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Hey everyone!

My wonderful better half has began her own small business! I’d like to ask if you can please like the page (and/or share it). This will help welcome her to the Internet and spread word of those damn adorable PomPomHeads! They’re so cute!

Much more to come soon!

Thanks for your time. smile emoticon

Sincia Artisan

Sincia Artisan

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xkcd: Planning

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$200 for a $50 gift card?

Starbucks is selling a $50 Mother’s Day giftcard for $200.

I am also selling a pen I found on the ground last week for $145 for those interested.

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Getting to know Samsung

Who knew that Samsung was such an old and diverse company with a pretty good philosophy? I’m very impressed

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Going to go see Guardians of the Galaxy Wednesday…


… And again Friday night. I’m really looking forward to seeing this film.

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The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man From “Ghostbusters” Has Been Recreated In LEGO And It Is Awesome

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Here’s a first…

I held open a door for a random dude carrying a bunch of heavy items. Not only did he give me a looked-me-in-the-eyes thank you, which is often rare in itself, but then he also sincerely complimented my new shirt.

Nice to see someone appreciate such a simplistic, and easy, gesture.

I usually want to kick people who can’t at least shoot me a smile or a head nod when I hold a door open.

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